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If you enjoy cycling, then this is the group for you! From May to November, Cyclopaths meet once a week to bike all over the island of Montreal and discover new paths and neighbourhoods in our beautiful city. On occasion, the cyclists load their bicycles onto their cars to cycle in other sectors of Montreal and beyond. The group is made up of people of all ages and abilities; it is not the Tour de France! Come out and enjoy the exercise, the company and the bike paths. You never know where they will lead!


Wayne Clifford

November 9, 2015

Last and this Tuesday's Cycling, your restaurant opinion, etc.

We had 12 cyclists on a great day last Tuesday.

We talked about who wished to continue cycling and quite a few wished to continue, weather permitting.

We also discussed possible locations for a year-end luncheon, so those who weren't there last week, can also provide suggestions.

Tuesday's Cycling looks reasonably good so the suggestion is to do a popular trip that 6 of us did on a rescheduled Friday, earlier this past summer:

Plans are to cycle along the St. Lawrence from Pointe aux Cascades to Coteau du Lac. (37 kms).
Drive West on #20 to Dorion turning left at about 3 lights after the bridge, onto Route 338.
Proceed to Pointe aux Cascades. Turn left, taking Cascades which merges into Centrale.
Turn right onto Centrale you’ll cross under a huge  Pointe aux Cascades sign  to Chemin de Fleuve.
Head right into to the parking area (opposite the church) & look for the group. 
Meet at 10:15 a.m. Tuesday.

Please let me know if you plan to cycle with the group this week.





November 3, 2015

Tuesday's Cycling

We had 12 cyclists last week. Tuesday is expected to hit +16.

Proposed trip will start at 10:15 a.m. at 53rd Ave, Lachine departure point heading in to Old Montreal alongside the Lachine Canal.

Hope you'll join us,




October 20, 2015

Tuesday's Cycling

I'm going to get the reputation of being a 'morning person' which I'm not, but a pattern similar to last Tuesday's threatens a rise in the p.o.p. from 30 to 40% later in the morning.

Click here for weather forecast.

I'm suggesting another local ride, to Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, I'll be leaving from my house on Lakeshore, Pointe Claire, @ 8:30 but others may wish to join us at Beaconsfield Shopping Centre @ 8:50 or a location enroute, if so, let me know where to expect to meet you.

Please indicate if you expect to be joining us, & check again before leaving in the a.m. in case of a last minute change.




October 13, 2015

Autumn Leaves

Despite the peaking of the leaves up North, weather isn't co-operating. Rain scheduled for later morning so I'm suggesting a quick, early local trip to Bois de Liesse nature park leaving Fairview Park parking lot around 8:30 a.m. Leaves are in transition around here, so it may be a bit of a compromise.

Please let me know if you're interested when you get this, and check again before 8.a.m. Tuesday morning. 



October 6, 2015

Beauharnois wins

We'll hope and pray for another great Tuesday next week hoping to catch the peak of the foliage season.

Directions: When I request directions from Google from my place in Ponte Claire it recommends the use of Route 30 which certainly works best for the west end but bear in mind, there is a toll which, I believe, is $2.50 each way.

Those further east on the Island of Montreal can take the Mercier Bridge and one of the alternate routes 132 or 138 then the 30 or 132 enlarge the map here.

(The western route 30 directions are also shown in blue.)

If you feel adventurous, taking the 132 through Kahnawake straight to Beauharnois may be a bit slower but it appears to be the hypotenuse of the triangle! If you take this route, after passing the Kahnawake Survival school, look for a large cross, then turn left.

Bonus is cheaper gas!

Please indicate if you'll be joining us and plan to meet in the parking lot at about 10:45.

Hope you'll join us,




September 21, 2015

Cornwall Cycling Trip

We had 11 cyclists last week.

The weather looks good for a very popular trip,
Driving directions: (It makes sense to carpool and share gas costs)
From Montreal take Highway #20 westward toward the Ontario border.  At
the border Highway # 20 becomes Highway #401.  Continue westward to
McConnell Ave. (exit # 792).
Drive southward toward the St. Lawrence River.
When you reach Montreal Street (which becomes Water St .as you head west) turn right and proceed to just beyond the corner of Pitt St. and  Water St,
Look for Augustus St., then head into the left lane & turn into the parking lot in the park across the street. There's a plane outside the Legion nearby.
There are nice restrooms nearby in the park.
From this rallying point we will proceed westward on
the bicycle path to the beginning of the Long Sault Parkway.
Some may wish to enter the Parkway.
The trip from Cornwall to the Parkway is about 17 kms, so the return trip will be in the area of 35 kms in total.  
There are rest stops along the way and there is a gas station / snack bar across Highway #2 at the Long Sault Parkway entrance.  We can stop there for lunch or anywhere else that we deem appropriate.
There are a few ups and downs, but it is relatively flat and very scenic.
The trip to Cornwall takes a bit more than an hour (about 80 km. from Pointe Claire).
Please indicate  by Monday , if you're planning to join us & indicate if:

You can take other bike(s)
You need a lift
you plan to follow in your vehicle from our place on Lakeshore leaving about 9:15
you will meet us there (Cornwall) at about 10:25a.m.
Phone # in case of any changes.

Après Cycling:
There's a nice patio deck off the Pub 'Blue Anchor'  just a few km. east of our departure point in Glen Walter, for those who may wish to partake in  après-cycle refreshments on the deck after we finish our trip.
Most participants really enjoyed themselves there in previous years.

Those who wish to do more distance, may wish to depart from the 'Blue Anchor' attempting to dovetail with the group's times, if so, please let me know to expect you in Cornwall.
Hope you'll join us,


September 14, 2015

Cycling Tuesday

There were 4 cyclists last week, looks like a great day on Tuesday. Thank-you Jim, for stepping up to lead the group.

Plans are to cycle across the back river from the path we usually take along Gouin East then along La Route Vert which heads Northward across Laval to Blvd. St. Rose. This is about 33kms. return & flat.

To get there from the West Island, drive east along Henri Bourassa (accessible from Highway 40) past Marcel Laurin in St. Laurent to O'Brien, then North to Gouin, there may be parking on O'Brien around Gouin ) or at Parc Raimbault just a little west of O'Brien just North of Gouin. You can also head east along Gouin 'til Parc Raimbault on your left or park on O'Brien, next block east.

If you need help with the directions, call me.
Let's meet at Parc Raimbault at 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday, weather permitting.
Or, if you wish to go as part of a group, and carpool, we can use our place & the park across the street from us in Pte. Claire, as a marshalling point (9:10 a.m.).
Please indicate your phone # in the event of a weather cancellation.
Please indicate  by Monday, if you're planning to join us & indicate if:
You can take other bike(s) or,
You need a lift or,
you plan to follow in your vehicle or,
you will meet us there (at Parc Raimbault)

Those who don't have vests can purchase fluorescent reflective CyclOpaths vests at $10. each.  Let me know in advance if you want one. We feel the added visibility helps to avert accidents.

Hope you'll join us on Tuesday,




August 31, 2015

Cycling Tuesday - Oka

We had 19 cyclists last week, & had a bonus use of the beach picnic area and a lap of the racetrack.

Plans for this week are to leave from the Ile Bizard Arena (now called Vincent Lecavalier Arena) parking lot, at 10 a.m., Tuesday, heading thru' the nature park to the ferry (about $1.50 each way) to Laval West & on thru Deux Montagnes to Oka. Weather permitting, you may want to swim, if so, you may want to bring a bathing suit. It looks like a hot day on Tuesday.

Take Blvd. Jacques Bizard off Pierrefonds Blvd. (about midway between St. Jean & St. Charles); cross the bridge & stay on Jacques Bizard to almost the end (to the Ile Bizard Arena parking lot). Please park at the Northeast end of the lot away from the arena. Bring a lunch or snack.

It is possible to cycle from Fairview park on the bike path west along the power lines at de Salaberry, north along Somerset which turns into Jacques Bizard in Pierrefonds, but most usually drive.

Please indicate if you plan to cycling with the group this week.

Distance to the top o' the hill near destination about 20Km., another 5km. if some decide to go into Oka Provincial Park & beach. x2 for return.

Hope you'll join us on Tuesday,



August 24, 2015

Cycling Tuesday

We had 8 cyclists last Tuesday.

Plans for this week would be to leave from 53rd. at 9:45 a.m. riding to Parc Jean Drapeau on Ile Notre Dame.

Looks like p.o.p. will be 20% in the a.m. but check again for any possible changes before leaving.

Please indicate if you plan to go cycling with the group this week.

I'll have the new vests with me, for those requiring them $10 each.

Hope you'll join us,




August 10, 2015


We had 19 cyclists as rain held off 'til evening last week. P.O.P for Tuesday is 90%,- tomorrow looks best for the week, as of today.

Click here or click here for weather forecast.

Unfortunately, the St. Jean ( International Balloon Festival is only this week. For St. Jean (International Balloon Festival) info, click here.

Here are our instructions, we need to determine if people are prepared to go tomorrow instead as it looks like the best day so far. Cycling this coming week: St. Jean to the outskirts

If conditions are favourable, we hope to cycle, then see The International Balloon Festival which departs from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu at 6 p.m.

Our plans are to aim to get to St. Jean by 1 p.m.
You may wish to have lunch first!
We'll park in St. Jean and cycle to the outskirts of Farnham, aiming to return to Saint-Jean in time for the 6 pm Balloon launch.
Some may wish to go another 5 km. or so into the town of Farnham before returning.
Again, it makes sense to carpool and share gas costs, and for those who wish to try to go in tandem, we can use our place & the park across the street from our house as a marshalling point.
How to get to the starting point:
Road directions
Only 20 minutes from Montreal Island., more from Pointe Claire.
Take highway 20 & cross the Champlain Bridge.
Take highway 10 (Eastern Townships Highway).
Take exit 22 (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu).
On route 35 Sud (South) which goes to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, take the  exit for Blvd. Du Seminaire (Route 223) until you come to the railway tracks in the middle of  St. Jean.
Right after the tracks (underpass) turn left on Rue Foch which parallels the  tracks to the Richelieu River.
Stay on Rue Foch until it takes a jog in the road (around an old railway station) then begin looking left for a (free) parking spot in one of the lots on your left close to the river
(between Rue Champlain & Rue Richelieu) That's where we'll meet at 1:15 p.m.
When we return to St. Jean, we usually order pizza & take it and our preferred beverage to the back grounds of the local CEGEP, and commandeer a picnic table to watch the balloons. They didn't take off the last 2 years and hopefully a change in our schedule might work.

I know I personally have to rearrange a commitment to go tomorrow and maybe it won't work for others...if not please suggest an alternate for you if weather will permit.

Please indicate by  Monday 8 a.m. at the latest, if you can join us and indicate if:
You can take other bike(s)
You need a lift
you plan to follow in your vehicle
you will meet us there (St. Jean)
Pointe Claire departure: 12noon-ish, St. Jean  departure:1:15ish.





August 3, 2015

Doubt again for Tuesday!

We'll need to wait 'til closer to departure again; click here for weather forecast.

Stay tuned for more info. tomorrow, or by 8 a.m. Tuesday for a local area trip, probably from 53rd. Ave.

Next week's bound to be great for our annual St-Jean Balloonfest ride!





July 27, 2015

Tuesday's Cycling: le Petit Train Du Nord trail Prevost heading toward St. Marguerite

4 of us braved the elements last week & survived.

This week cycling weather looks much better. This week the proposal is to head North to do a stretch of le Petit Train Du Nord trail, departing slightly north of where we finished (Wilson Falls) north of St. Jerome earlier this month.

Leaving Prevost heading toward St. Marguerite; park at the refurbished train station at the bike path. We'll ride north from the Prevost station to at least St. Adele or on to the falls where we usually stop.

How to get to the departure location:

Take Autoroute 15N to exit 55, head east, you'll soon come to Route 117.
Go South on  Route 117 for about 2 km. 'til you come to the traffic lights.
Turn left across the 117 & proceed ahead to the stop sign at the trail.

Parking at the Prevost departure point is just east of the 117; it makes sense to carpool and share gas costs, and for those who wish to try to go in tandem, we can use our place & the park across the street from our house as a marshalling point. Aim for approx. 10:30 a.m. assembly & departure.

Hope you'll join us,




July 21, 2015

Tuesday's Cycling?

Searching the hourly forecast for tomorrow, the best I can find is L'Île-Perrot which shows a consistent 40% p.o.p., still risky but not 50%!

Plans are to start at 9:30 a.m. from the St. Anne locks, cycle across the bridge then around Ile Perrot.

Those on Ile Perrot or west of it could meet us at the Ile Perrot end of the bridge. We'll be leaving from my hour in Pointe Claire about 9:05 a.m., taking highway 20 to the St. Anne exit, then turning right under the RR tracks then an immediate left & left again to park at parking spots just north of the RR tracks (opposite the condos on the old Harpell Press property). We'll then cycle down to the 9:30 a.m. St. Anne bridge departure point.

If coming, please let me know & give me an idea where you'll meet the group & a phone number in the event of a weather cancellation. Please let me know if you'll join us, weather permitting,

I'll try to send another message around 8 a.m. If it doesn't work out, forecasts indicate better weather for Friday or Saturday.





July 12, 2015

Tuesday's Cycling - Blainville to Wilson Falls (44km return)

13 cyclists adventured out on an iffy Tuesday last week; we did manage to get some distance in before seeking shelter! Only 1 out of the last 6 Tuesdays didn't have rain in the forecast, however this week, so far, has a better chance to allow us to travel further.

Cycling this coming week: Lower Laurentiens Blainville

We'll head north to do a new stretch of paved bike path from Blainville to St. Jerome, (the old mile zero start of le Petit Train Du Nord trail) 16 km. Most usually do the St. Jerome to Wilson Falls leg which tacks on an additional 11 more kms return)  


From the West Island take Autoroute 13N to the 640 head East to connect with 15 North.
Proceed North on 15; soon you'll see a sign to the Blainville exit (2km)
Take this Blainville exit #25 &  heading east along de la Seigneurie.
You'll eventually cross Route 117,  then come to railway tracks, after which look immediately for the entrance to the commuter train parking lot on your left.
Park there or nearby and meet at 10:30 a.m. at the bike path which is next to the train tracks.
Distance one way to St. Jerome an easy 16 km. There are washrooms at the St. Jerome destination.
Bring a lunch or you can order from the casse-croute in St. Jerome.

Call me if you need help with the directions, or if you wish to go as part of a group, and carpool, we can use the park across the street from our place in Pointe Claire as a marshalling point (9:15 a.m.).

Hope you'll join us,



June 21, 2015

Tuesday's Cycling

Scroll down after opening this link.

Go to the week's schedule near the bottom and look at the P.O.P. line.

Can you believe it?

Over the 16+ years of our cycling group , I've never seen such a string of rainy Tuesdays. We'll watch the situation, and send another message if, and when the picture brightens.

As you are aware, we've been attempting to have our list more accurately reflect active Cyclopaths participants.

In line with this, please see the note below from Bryden Murray on behalf of L'ARSE.

Thanks, Wayne


"At last year's AGM, L'Association of Retired School Employees (L'ARSE) changed its constitution to say that all participants in L'ARSE affinity groups, including the Cyclopaths, must be members of L'ARSE. It also created two new categories of member: Spouses of members and Associate Members. If you are not currently a LARSE member, I will be sending out a specific e-mail with a copy of the membership form along with a deadline for submission in order to remain on the Cyclopath list. I will also have that form at our Tuesday outings. The cost of membership is $10 annually.

If you are not a L'ARSE member and do not plan in remaining with the Cyclopaths, please let me know and we will remove you from the list and spare you the upcoming e-mail.

If you are a L'ARSE member but no longer interested in cycling with us, also let me know and we'll take you off the list."

Bryden Murray




June 16, 2015

Tuesday's Cycling

The only 'window' I see as I write this at 7:40 a.m. is around noon for a couple of hours. Let me know if you would still like to try it, my suggestion was to leave from the foot of the St. Anne's Galipault Bridge cycling path at 12.

Let me know if you wish to try if we get a chance, it's not raining yet out here!



June 15, 2015

This is getting tiresome; it'd be refreshing to be able to send 1 message per week without the weather uncertainty necessitating numerous messages.

Again this week, we'll need to wait and see if Tuesday's forecast of rain abates, hopefully we'll notify you around 8 a.m. Tuesday, if not before.


I know some like to see what the planned itineraries are, but this information can still be attained by checking this page.

Unfortunately, itineraries for more distant departure locations rely on predictably good weather.





June 8, 2015

Tuesday's Cycling

We had 6 cyclists on our replacement ride Thursday.

At the risk of sounding repetitive -

With an 80% P.O.P. (possibility of precipitation) for Tuesday morning, it appears premature to plan Tuesday's trip. The rest of the week doesn't look that great until Friday.

I'll watch for a weather window for Tuesday, but again, it'll probably need to be last minute and somewhat local.

Stay tuned...




June 3, 2015

Thursday's Cycling

There weren't too many responding regarding a Thursday substitution for Tuesday's cancellation.

As some who showed interest didn't get to attend our trip to Cap St. Jacques Nature park, my suggestion is to repeat this trip.

Meet at Fairview Park in D.D.O. at 10:00 a.m. Cycle west along the de Salaberry bike path/Hydro right-of-way to Timberlea, north along L'Anse a Lorme, east along Gouin into Cap St. Jacques Nature park.

You can join us enroute, just advise me where, & guesstimate the time.

Please indicate if you'll join us, and a contact number.




May 17, 2015

Tuesday's Cycling

The plan is to meet at the bottom of 53rd Ave and Bord du Lac at 10:30 and cycle to Atwater Market and possibly the Old Port. Unfortunately rain is in the forecast and without Wayne we won't have Wayne's Weather Window as we luckily had last week. I'll e mail Monday night. Enjoy this beautiful day.

Mary Anne 



May 4, 2015

Tuesday's Cycling

Last week we had 19 cyclists.

Tuesday’s possibility of precipitation P.O.P. :10%

This week’s trip to Ile Bizard

Departure Point: Fairview Park

Departure Time: 10:30 a.m.

How to get there:

St. Jean to Bluehaven which curves to the Fairview Park pool parking lot. Itinerary: Fairview Park north along Bluehaven, west on bike path to Somerset, north to Jacques Bizard bridge, north to shopping centre, west to d'eglise north to park entrance through the park to the beach. Washrooms there.

Please indicate if you'll join us, hope you will; give a contact number.



April 27, 2015

Tuesday's Cycling

Sorry, the departure time is 10:15 a.m. PO.P. drops to 20% so it looks like a go. Please let me know if you'll join us.

Plans are to leave from the path at the bottom of 53rd. Ave., Lachine, heading East toward Atwater Market along the canal path. Some may wish to go beyond Atwater Market, however that's the lunch rendez-vous point.

Hope you'll join us,



April 13, 2015

Tuesday's Cycling

Tuesday's forecast includes a 40% chance of rain (p.o.p.) so what else is new? Unless it worsens, we'll try to proceed, but stay tuned if the weather looks iffy.

For those new to our group, we call ourselves Cyclopaths. We have purchased fluorescent mesh vests (optional) to better identify group members in case we get spread out. Those wishing to order vests can notify me & we'll order some more when we need another dozen or so.

The usual routine involves a notice going out by e-mail (normally on Sunday) for the following Tuesday, weather permitting.

Those interested in participating are requested to respond by 10 p.m. Monday evening, indicating a telephone number where they can be reached.

Most people pack a light lunch or snack to be eaten at the turn around spot we pick; remember to bring water to drink. Helmets are recommended. 

This year, we may try to have varied distances so that those who don't want to do as much can start (or end) at a different location. We usually begin the Cycling Season with modest distances that most seniors can manage comfortably.

Beaconsfield Shopping Centre at 10:15 Those arriving by car, or who find this more convenient, assemble in the Northwest corner of the parking lot, away from Metro.
We'll ride along Beaurepaire Drive to Beaconsfield Court/ Beaurepaire Drive  (where the pedestrian overpass crosses Highway 20)  Beaconsfield High/Gordon Robertson Centre at 10.20
Along Beaurepaire Drive past Woodland to Angell about 10:30
Along Beaurepaire Drive into Baie D'Urfé & on to St. Anne de Bellevue locks.

If coming, please give me an idea where you'll meet the group (if not the departure spot) & a phone number.

At lunch or snack time, we'll discuss the forthcoming Cycling Season, welcoming suggestions for new itineraries over lunch/snacks.

Hope you'll join us,


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